My Ten Top Tips for Saving for Travelling

As a girl currently trying to save up for travelling I can really emphasise with how hard it really is. Trying to save for a trip of a lifetime while still having a social life can be quite frustrating so here are my top tips for saving that bit of extra cash.

  1. Make an instant direct debit that as soon as you get paid goes straight into a savings account – it means you don’t even have chance to spend this money – out of sight out of mind and all that..
  2. Less nights out, more nights in– if you’re a party gal or guy you might want to stop right there. Saving takes dedication and if you’re going out every weekend boozing it up or going for meals or to the cinema you won’t get very far on the saving front. You have to be strict which means limiting this stuff. I don’t mean becoming a reclusive but maybe cutting back a little. Maybe make a note that you’ll only go out once or twice a month. To be honest at my age now me and my friends do go out less and tend to have more “girls nights” where we get a cheap bottle of wine, some nibbles and watch some DVD’s – just as fun and a lot less damage on the bank!
  3. Sell your shit – Ok not literally your shit but you know what I mean. I am sure you have loads of things you have kicking around you don’t need any more – clothes, books, dvds? – you name it I had it. I know giving to charity is good but if you want to earn some extra cash quickly and easily why not sell the stuff you don’t want anymore on ebay or maybe do a car boot? It might not make that much but I always see it as “this has earned me an extra night in a hostel” or an extra trip. I even asked my friends if they had anything hanging about they were going to give to charity to give to me to sell at a car boot – every little helps as Tesco says!
  4. Get another job – Now I know most people already have a full time job but if that isn’t enough you could always look at getting another job to bring in some extra cash. One way to do this so you don’t have to fully commit to anything is temp work especially waitressing where you can also get tips. I am currently working Mon-Fri 9-5.30pm at my full time job, teaching hula hoop twice a week on evenings during the week and doing some temp waitressing, if you want it bad enough you’ll graft, just think about your end goal. The more money you make, the better time you can have.
  5. Make your own lunches and cut back on that Costa – If you’re the typical morning Costa and £3 meal deal type of person everyday then stop right there. Firstly, WHY? Just in itself you’re probably spending about £6 a day which in a working week adds up to a hefty £30 which in a month is £120 which you could have saved! Start bringing in your own packed lunches and use the tea and coffee facilities at work, ok it might not be as nice as a Costa but you aren’t going to be drinking one everyday travelling so get used to it.
  6. Walk more, drive less – Now this won’t be relevant to some people but for me it was. I did a lot of driving and let’s be honest petrol isn’t cheap. Unfortunately work was too far to walk but I did start thinking about how I could cut back on my driving. It’s a trickier one but try and car share when possible if you know you’re going to the same place as other people and when possible e.g. for me going to town, walk instead of drive it’s good for you and will save you that little bit of money. Also, be economical with your petrol, keeping to the speed limits or under will mean you need to fill up less regular and open those windows instead of whacking on the air con at every opportunity the sun decides to make an appearance.
  7. Cut expenditures – hairdresser, nails, gym, Netflix anything that isn’t a necessity you should cut back on its amazing how much money you will save.
  8. Shop around – when buying flights/excursions etc for travelling make sure you shop around. There is no harm whatsoever in e-mailing a few companies for a quote and going with the best offer. Two companies I highly recommend are STA and
  9. Set a realistic target – how much do you really want to save? Set a realistic target and see if you can outdo it. Getting closer to it each month will keep you motivated.
  10. Finally, remember why you’re doing it! Before every purchase just think – do I really need this? I can guarantee 99% of the time the answer will be no. It’s important to remember WHY you can’t have it though. Maybe keep a photo of somewhere on your travels you’re desperate to go or have a flick through where you’ll be going on the internet you’ll soon realise why you don’t need those sparkly heels or dress.



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    1. Hannah says:

      Thank you! Glad you found it helpful and thanks so much for reading 🙂

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      1. joydemelino says:

        no problem.. drop by if you have time.


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