Manorbier, Wales – A hidden UK gem

Living in the UK I think we sometimes take for granted the really gorgeous places we have close to home and one of those I recently visited was Manorbier in Wales.

A small group of my friends and I decided to go for a long weekend in October and had a really great time. Luckily for us my friends Uncle owned a cliff top hostel called YHA Manobier so we were able to get our accommodation for the weekend super cheap.

We drove down on the Friday morning and it took about 5 hours with a stop at a retail outlet. I would highly advise having a car for your time around Wales as if you stay in accommodation that is a bit out of the way it can be tricky to get to certain places.

Despite being cheaper accommodation I really couldn’t fault where we stayed. We had two rooms between the six of us which had four bunk beds in each and a very clean en-suite bathroom.  There was also a shared kitchen between about 4-5 rooms I believe with all the utensils you could possibly need along with a dining/lounge area with TV.  The location was beautifully set looking over some of the stunning costal line of Wales. You could explore and walk for hours around this area and even go for a swim if you’re feeling brave!

The next day in the morning we decided to go paddleboarding. A bit concerned that it was October and the water was freezing (well to me anyway) I was a bit apprehensive about doing this. However, I am so glad we did it because it was honestly the most fun I have had with my friends in such a long time. Even after falling in a few times the initial shock of cold water soon wears off and you just completely immerse yourself in the activity. We had two instructors who come out with us; they were really helpful and made the experience really enjoyable. It was nice to just have no phones and no technology just us and our paddle boards paddling the Welsh sea and having a barrel of laughs.

For October we were pretty lucky with the weather and with a nice sunny day continuing into the afternoon we decided to have a BBQ on the beach. Just a walk from our accommodation was a beach that you could only get to by going through a small cave-type area. It was a bit of a struggle at first carrying all the BBQ gear but we got there in the end and as you can see by the photos it was so worth it.

Sunday the weather wasn’t so nice, so in the morning we decided to go to an activity-type centre nearby called Heatherton World of Activities. I really enjoyed this and with an array of activities on offer its suitable for both younger and older people. Activities included things like archery, zorbing, mini golf, high ropes, hedge maze and paintballing just to name a few.

Sunday afternoon we decided to go into the popular seaside town called Tenby.  Firstly, if you come here you MUST try the fish and chips because they are glorious, just be aware the portions are HUGE so make sure you go on an empty stomach!  Tenby is a really pretty town with lots of lovely little boutiques and a really nice beach with caves you can explore. Unfortunately the weather was a bit rubbish when we came here so we couldn’t spend much time on the beach but I can imagine in the summertime this place is buzzing.

Monday it was time to go home and reflecting on my journey home I realised that sometimes you don’t have to go far from home to experience a good time and take in some stunning scenery. England has a number of hidden gems that I haven’t had the time to explore and it’s definitely something I want to do more of.

Here are my highlights from our stay in Wales..

 Manorbier YHA hostel

We stayed here for our entire weekend and it was the perfect setting. Set on the cliff tops it offers some stunning coastal views and is perfect for people who like surfing, walking and exploring.

The whole place was very clean and tidy and there was a really relaxed and calm atmosphere throughout the place. If you want a good night’s sleep you’ll definitely have no problems here!

If you wanted to be a bit closer to the outdoors you also have the option to camp here or stay in one of their really cool camping pods so there really is something to suit everyone’s needs.

I honestly cannot recommend this hostel enough it has everything you can need, really friendly staff, clean and well equipped rooms and beautiful views – what more could you want? Oh did I mention that it’s cheap as well?

You can find out more about Manorbier YHA hostel here.

Heatherton World of Activities 

Heatherton World of Activities really has something for everyone but would be especially good for families with young children. Located just on the outskirts of Tenby and conveniently situated on the B4318 it is also easy to get to.

There are a huge array of activities on offer and entrance to the park is free so adults don’t even have to pay if they just want to watch.

You can pay for each activity individually but this ends up costing quite a bit of money which is why they have a credit type system in place. Basically each activity is a number of credits and you can use these as you wish. If you plan on doing a few activities then this is a much cheaper option.

We did the credit option and had a go in the hedge maze, mini-golf, archery and  american baseball and had great fun.

You can find out more about Heatherton World of Activities here.

A map of Heatherton World of Adventures including all activities on offer

Outer Reef Surf School – Paddle boarding

Outer Reef Surf School was the place we went for our paddle boarding and they were fantastic from start to finish. We had two instructors who guided us through exactly what we needed to do and came out into the water with us. Starting from Stack Pole Quay we made our way round to a beautiful beach called Barafunddle Bay and back again.

All six of us thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and it’s a really good workout in the process requiring a lot of balance and using your core.

I can’t remember how much we paid but I remember it being very reasonable and I definitely recommend giving it a go, especially in the summer. It’s a really great way to see the beautiful scenery and beaches Wales has to offer.

You can find out more about Outer Reef School here.

My friends and I paddle boarding


Tenby is a really cute little seaside town in Pembrokshire, West Wales and if you’re in the area I would highly encourage you give it a visit.

I loved the vintage style shops here and managed to pick up some really unique little bits for my room in one shop which sold some really nice pieces.

When it comes to the seaside you’re spoilt for choice. Voted as the Best Beach in Europe 2014 it’s no surprise Tenby beach is popular where you can relax on for the day or if you’re up for something a bit more pulse-raising on North beach Tenby Water Sports you can do a jet ski safari, donut rides and water skiing!

You can find out more about Tenby here.

These are just a few of my highlights from my time in Wales. It really is a beautiful place and I highly recommend it for people who enjoy walking because there are some really great places and walks around the area to explore. Sometimes, you don’t need to travel that far to enjoy something different.

I would also just like  to say a special thanks to my best friend Sian Ivory who supplied a lot of these photos for me.




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