How to know when it’s the right time to go travelling

It’s a question that we all ask ourselves – when is the right time to do something? Is there ever a right time? Well for me there is and mine is right now. 

Now I am not about to say that if you have a family and a mortgage you can never go travelling because that’s just not the case, but for me I solely do believe that fate has chosen now as my time to go and see some of this wonderful world.

I must admit the hardest part for me was booking those flights but also the most exciting part. For me, once the flights are booked there’s no going back and it just makes everything seem a lot more real.

So how do you know when you’re ready? Well for everyone it’s going to be different but for me it just seems right. I have no commitments at all. No mortgage or bills to pay, no long-term boyfriend, no children and a job that I don’t passionately love enough to care about giving it up. Yes of course I will miss my friends and family that’s probably the hardest thing about going away but if you have ones like mine they will be fully supportive of your decision and maybe just a little bit jealous as well!

I cannot tell you when the right time is for you to go travelling you will decide that on your own but here are few things that may spark that decision to follow your dreams:

-You’re happy to be on your own:  Ok so even if you do go travelling with a friend you need to be confident in yourself and happy to do things on your own. Solo travel this applies even more. Are you ok sitting in a coffee shop on your own? Can you find your way around places on your own and are confident in your own abilities? – If yes, then you’re in the right mindset for travel.

-You have no commitments or are happy to give those up: No commitments? Great! If yes, then are you happy to give those commitments up? Sometimes this is the hardest for most people because they want to have their cake and eat it too. Ok not literally but they want to travel but also keep their awesome job and gorgeous boyfriend. In reality this just isn’t possible something has to give (unless you are EXTREMELY lucky). Now I’m not saying go chuck your boyfriend because realistically this can work you just both need to be aware of the situation and the struggles you might encounter. Hey if he’s got it real bad maybe he will come and join you? Nonetheless, if your relationship is strong enough regardless how long you go for you CAN make it work but it might just be a bit bumpy along the way.

With a job you love it’s a lot harder. You may be really lucky and get the opportunity to be able to come back after your travel’s but sometimes this isn’t always the way. Just remember life is full of opportunities and you will get a shot again. You need to decide what is more important to you, settling down with a cushty job or travelling the world? For me this was a no-brainer I know I have more than enough time for all of that afterwards.


-You aren’t satisfied: This point really stood out to me and was one of my sole reasons for deciding to go travelling. Yes my life is good I have a great group of friends, lovely family and a job that pays fairly well but I just couldn’t get this feeling out of me that I wasn’t fully satisfied. Sitting at my desk job all day that I’m not particularly passionate about and reading travel blogs and browsing through photos I came to the realisation that I NEED to see the world. Obviously not all in one go but I needed some time away. Not only to go and see places I have dreamt of seeing and experiencing but also to work out what I actually wanted to do with the rest of my life. I can honestly say I am one of those people when asked “What do you want to be when you’re older?” even though I am older I still don’t know. I’m hoping travelling will give me the time and space I need to maybe work this out or at least get me on the right track.

You get excited about travel: I have been fortunate enough to be brought up in family that loves to travel. When my sister and I were younger we were extremely lucky that our parents provided us with the opportunity to see lots of different places and I think that’s what gave us both the travel bug. Just reading about the places I’ll be going and seeing makes me instantly excited and the nerves slowly start to drift away. If your excitement surpasses your nerves then you’re on the right road to travel.

You start planning and book those flights: Really this is when you know you definitely want to go and for me it’s the only way I confirm I am going. When I went to South Africa on my own last year for 5 weeks I was terrified but knew it was something I wanted to do so booked my flights straight away with not much time to deliberate. If you’re like me and deliberate for a long time I have just one tip – don’t. Book it there and then and start planning your exciting adventure. Yes no doubt I am super nervous but planning everything I want to do really just makes it so exciting and you’ve got to remember there are going to be loads of people in the same boat!

I hope this post has helped in you deciding if now is the right time for you to travel. Only you will know in yourself when and if it is the right time to go and you need to have the right mindset for this.

My mindset is ready to travel, it’s my time and I am going to relish it with open arms. I can’t wait to update you all throughout my journey (when I get time!) and share with you my first hand-experiences. Roll on the 24th January 2017!



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