Marrakech: A perfect winter break

If you’re looking for somewhere that will be warm even during the winter then Marrakech should be top of your list.

Packed full of culture, history and shopping galore Marrakech is the perfect little break.

Now, I have heard mixed reviews about Marrakech some people really didn’t like it, others did, but from my first hand experience I can honestly say I had a thoroughly great time.

Booked in November we couldn’t believe that Marrakech would actually still be warm and we even managed to spend a few days around the pool topping up our tans. November was a really great time to go.  In summer temperatures can reach an excruciating 40 degrees, which if you want to explore the city is not ideal. November weather was anything between 17-25 degrees which was just right.

One thing I would recommend is if you don’t like lots of noise and want somewhere you can relax a bit more I would stay outside of the city centre. We stayed at a hotel called the Aqua Fun Club which was about a 15-20 min drive out of the city centre and was ideal for what we wanted. Having a hotel outside the city meant you could have some pool days where you could just relax and others where you could go and explore.

Getting around was also really easy as the hotel offered a free bus service into the heart of Marrakech. However, we always took a taxi with some friends we had made by the pool, it worked out fairly cheap and was more pleasant.  An added bonus was that usually the taxi driver would happily give us a return lift as well, we just told him how long we would be and he would then pick us up at the time and place we had arranged.

If you do plan on using taxi’s in Marrakech, always agree the price with the driver before you get in. We never had an issue but there have been stories of tourists being scammed into spending far more than they should for a short journey into town. Also, if someone offers you more than a driver did the other day – tell them. We did this and managed to get the price down, Moroccan people love a haggle so don’t be scared to do it!

During our time in Marrakech some of our highlights were a city tour that included a typical Moroccan lunch and a visit to a natural health store, shopping through the souks, quad-biking and a spa. There are loads of things to do in Marrakech and to be honest if we had more time and money I am sure we would have done a lot more.

Marrakech is a beautiful city and definitely one I would recommend visiting. Many people compare it to Egypt but having been there twice I can say now they are completely different- especially the people. Everyone I came across in Marrakech was lovely. Yes you get people trying to sell you stuff but you’ve got to remember that’s how they survive. However, if you politely say ‘la shukran’ meaning no thank you they will happily leave you alone. Bartering is also in their nature so if you’ve got a big mouth use it to your advantage! The souks are full of beautiful goods from jewels to rugs you are bound to find something you’ll want and can get definitely get it down for a decent price.

I would also highly recommend doing a tour around Marrakech they are so interesting and can help with getting your bearings around the city.

Marrakech was a real cultural experience and definitely a place I shall remember forever.  

Here are some of my highlights from my time in Marrakech:

Aqua Fun Club

This is the hotel we stayed in and it is the perfect family resort. With its own water park and 15 outdoor pools (we definitely didn’t find them all!) you are really spoilt for choice. In addition, there is a spa on-site, a crazy golf course and 4 restaurants to choose from.

Our rooms were a good size and were very clean and tidy along with the entire complex. Most people went all inclusive where you could get food pretty much the entire day. Breakfast had a good selection of fruit, cereal, yogurt, bread and some cooked things and dinner also offered a variety where I am sure you’ll find something you like.

There was entertainment most nights and on one occasion while we were there we had belly dancing and a snake charmer which was really cool. The area where the entertainment is they always had music on where you can dance and grab a few drinks or just play some pool which was a great way to meet other people.

The hotel was about a 15-20 minute drive from the heart of Marrakech which was easily accessible by their free bus service or taxi.

If you want the perfect blend of relax and culture then I would highly recommend Aqua Fun Club. It gives you the option of some lazy pool days as well as more cultural if you wish, but without having to be in the hustle and bustle of the centre.

You can find out more about the Aqua Fun Club here. 

 Tour of Marrakech 

We booked a few things through our hotel rep and one of these was an all-day tour of Marrakech. This was really worth our while and we were so glad we did it. We started the day fairly early and went to see some of the Mosques and history behind the city. It was really interesting to hear about life in Marrakech – very different to ours that’s for sure. Moroccan people can pray up to five times a day and take their religion very seriously.

Halfway through the day we sat down to a typically Moroccan lunch and it was delicious.  Served in a traditional tagine my taste buds went into overdrive with an array of spices and flavours that mixed perfectly with the meat and cous cous.

We then went onto a natural health store where we learnt about all the different types of natural remedies which they then sold at the end. With two blonde haired girls we couldn’t resist the well-known Argon oil that has become a much loved worldwide hair care product.

After this we were able to have a few hours to explore the souks which is like a maze of market stalls full of anything and everything. My sister and I absolutely loved the souks and both having the gift of the gab we didn’t mind bartering prices down – do it they love they’ll be more offended if you don’t! We managed to pick up some gorgeous silver rings and a lovely throw for both of our rooms. Also make sure you try some of the fresh orange juice because it’s divine!

You can find out a bit more about Marrakech here.

Quad Biking through the desert 

If you go to Morocco you HAVE to go Quad Biking because it is literally awesome! Unfortunately I don’t have any photos to show as this was a few years ago and I didn’t have my camera at this point but I can remember it vividly.

Once kitted out you start practising round a little test track so you can get used to the quad bike and the controls. Once they think everyone is ok we set off across the desert terrain for a few hours taking in the sights and watching the beautiful sunset. Halfway through we stopped at a little local house for a mint tea and a biscuit then made our return back to base.

I highly recommend going quad biking in Morocco. It was so much fun and you get to see some really beautiful sights.

You can find out more about the Quad Biking excursion here. 

I really enjoyed my time at Marrakech and if you’re looking for a real cultural experience then this is definitely the place for you. Don’t always go on what other people say because my experience was completely different to family and friends who have been. Go for yourself then make your own judgement. 

I would also just like to say thank you to my sister Laura for these photos!


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