A-Z of Travel Tips

Pretty self explanatory but thought it would be a cool idea to provide an A-Z list of my top travel tips!

A is for– Airports! No doubt you are going to spend a good few hours waiting around in these. Make sure you leave plenty of time to catch your flight and have a good book to hand in-case you get delayed.

B is for – Bus Passes! A great and cheap way to get around places. Two that I have booked are the Greyhound for East Coast Australia and the Kiwi Experience for New Zealand.

CConfidence! If you’re travelling solo you need to be confident in yourself and your abilities. Don’t put yourself down you’re doing a big thing! Even if you’re not so confident act like you are and you’ll be amazed how many friends you quickly make.

D is for– Download! It’s a good idea to download apps that will be helpful during your trip and make bookings easier. Two I have downloaded is the  STA app which enables me to see my schedule of flights, tours etc and Hostel World where I can quickly and easily book hostels.

E is for – Earplugs! These will most definitely come in handy. Whether it’s the noise of the plane or a person snoring in your hostel room they are sure to be used at some point.

F is for – Flights! Probably one of the most important things to have sorted otherwise you can’t really get anywhere. Shop around, find the best deal and then get them booked.

G is for – Guide Book! Always useful to have one to hand to give you a brief understanding of the country you are in.

H is for – Hostels! You’ll spend a lot of your time in these so it’s definitely worth shopping around for the best deals. Look at reviews and take into account where the hostel is in comparison to the things you want to do. I would highly advise always booking through Hostel World for the cheapest deals.

I is for – Insurance! Make sure you’ve got it and that it covers the countries you’ll be visiting and the activities you want to do.

J is for –  Jabs! Make sure you’ve had all the immunisations and medication you need before entering a new country, it’s really not worth risking your health.

K is for – Knowledge! Knowledge is power as some would say. It’s always good to read up a little bit about a country before you go. How much does a taxi fare from the airport cost? What certain customs do they have? How do you say thank you? Just some small things that really will make all the difference.

L is for – Luggage! The bag full with our entire life for the next few weeks, months, maybe years! Make sure you have chosen the appropriate style of luggage for your trip. If you’re going to be moving around a lot for example you are not going to want to lug a big suitcase around…

M is for – Money! And lot’s of it! (wishful thinking!). Make sure you have enough to at least keep you going until you get your feet on the ground. I also swear by travel cash cards as there is no extra charge and you can get money out as and when you need it. Also, make sure you have someone who can transfer you some extra money (hi parents) just in case of a circumstance you should need it.

is for–  New friends! You can never have too many friends and the friends you make while travelling could become friends (or boyfriend) for life. Speak to people you might not always speak with back home, swap stories about your experiences – they may even be able to give you advice about certain places you haven’t yet travelled to!

O  is for – Organised! I’m not saying plan every part of your trip down to the last second but definitely have some organisation going on. Book your hostel for the first night, let your loved ones know where you are and get everything you need sorted before your trip.

P is for– Phone! Something that has become a central part of our lives now. If you want to use your phone abroad make sure it is unlocked. You can usually buy sim cards pretty cheap in each country or have a chat with your phone provider to see what your best option is.

Q is for – Queues! As an English person we are pretty used to having to queue but that doesn’t mean we like it anymore than the next person. To avoid queuing when possible arrive at tourist hot-spots earlier rather than later.

R is for – Roll! Roll your clothes when packing them it saves so much space and prevents wrinkles.

S is for – Snap Happy! Snap away –  Take lots of photos of your travels so you can always treasure those memories.

T is for – Time Zone! Jet-Lag is a killer but unfortunately cannot be avoided. Try and get into the routine of you new time zone as quickly as possible and avoid napping as soon as you arrive to help your body adjust faster.

U is for – Unique! Remember everyone’s journey is unique. You didn’t go to that hostel your friend told you about or that amazing beach – so what? You do exactly what you want to do and don’t compare your trip to anyone else’s. This is your time and spend it how you want.

V is for – Visas! Check the policy on Visa requirement for each country you’ll be visiting. If you need to apply before make sure this is done in good time.

W is for – Write! Make sure you write down all about your travels the good, the bad and the ugly. You’ll want something to look back on in a few years time.

X is for– X-treme sports! Travelling and adrenalin go together. Throw yourself out a plane, jump off a bridge, white water raft, cage drive with sharks…each amazing place on this planet will offer something to get your blood pumping and heart racing.

Y is for – You! Don’t worry about what other people are doing travelling is all about YOU. Don’t want to do what the majority are doing? Don’t.  There is no harm in going off on your own sometimes and having some ‘you-time’.

Z is for – ZZZ! Everyone loves a bit of sleep and you’ll most definitely need somewhere to sleep every night. Whether its slumming it or leading the life of luxury there is a huge range of accommodation to choose from in every country. Regardless of what you choose I am sure after an action-packed day you’ll just be thankful to have a bed.

What are your top travel tips? Please feel free to share below!


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