100 Travel Blog Post Ideas

Have you met the blog post wall? I sure have and it sucks big time. For someone who hasn’t yet done my big travelling adventure yet it can really hard to keep content alive and think of new, interesting blog posts.

With this in mind, I have decided to put together my own list (yes I love a list) of travel blog post ideas to help get you past that wall!

1.What to pack for a long-haul flight

2.Reasons why you should travel solo

3.How to save up money for travelling

4.20 interesting facts about me

5.Q&A – great if you get a lot of readers asking questions

6.The most underrated beaches in _________

7.Visiting ______ on a budget

8.The best hostels in _________

9.How to get rid of your fear of flying

10.How to prevent Jet Lag

11.How to overcome Home Sickness

12.What to pack for a year-long trip

13.A-Z of travel tips

14.My top travel quotes

15.How to be a budget traveller

16.How to take the best travel photos

17.My favourite travel apps

18.A travel guide about a specific place you’ve been to

19.Bucket list of places you want to go to

20.Hostel vs hotel – pros and cons

21.Backpack or Suitcase?

22.The best restaurants in _____

23.The places you must see in ______

24.How to make friends in a hostel

25.How to book the cheapest flights

26.How to stay fit while travelling

27.How to eat healthy while travelling

28.Best budget destinations

29.How to pack like a travel pro

30.International travel checklist

31.How to stay safe while travelling

32.Top technologies to take travelling

33.The best bars in _______

34.My favourite travel blogs

35.How to avoid travel sickness

36.My favourite travel Instagram accounts

37.How to arrange a trip for a big group

38.Beach bag essentials

39.How to choose a top notch travel blog name

40.The best places to scuba dive

41.The best destinations for first-time solo backpackers

42.Free things to do in _______

43.Every country I’ve been to so far

44.Vacinations to consider for _______

45.The best summer in winter vacations

46.Foods you must try in _______

47.Things to know before you start a travel blog

48.The best family holiday destinations

49.The best holiday destinations for couples

50.Things to consider when getting Travel Insurance

51.The underrated places in ______

52.Places you MUST see before you die

53.Pre-travelling checklist

54.How to have a stress free airport experience

55.How to get your blog ‘out there’

56.How to survive a long coach journey

57.The best way to travel around ______

58.Things you should know before visiting ______

59.My favourite UK holiday destinations

60.The best travel companies to book with

61.My travel plans for next year

62.My travel make-up bag

63.Top attractions in ______

64.The best places to surf

65.A photo diary of _____

66.Suprising facts about ______

67.Beauty hacks while on the road

68.The easiest travelling hairstyles

69.Clothing you should always pack for a RTW trip

70.Visas – How do they work, how do I get one?

71.Basic language you’ll find handy for _____

72.How to choose where to travel next

73.How much it costs to backpack _________

74.How to choose the perfect backpack

75.Guide to solo travel for a woman

76.Common fears you face while travelling and how to overcome them

77.How to travel with children

78.Things to do with leftover currency

79.The best destinations for a long weekend

80.Photo of the week

81.How to deal with aunt flow while travelling (one aimed for the ladies- sorry lads!)

82.______ in pictures my favourite instagram photos

83.An interview with another travel blogger

84.Job types that allow you to travel the world

85.The best gift ideas for travellers

86.Best Facebook groups travellers should be a part of

87.How to convince your parents to let you travel the world

88.Top common travel excuses  that shouldn’t hold you back

89.The cheapest and best destinations you can go to

90.The lessons I have learnt from travel

91.Places to avoid in _______

92.Common questions about female solo travel answered

93.How to make awesome travel videos

94.The best travel books

95.Things not to do when you travel

96.Why I travel alone

97.Interesting and helpful travel websites to have a look at

98.A day at _____ in _____

99.How to stay stylish while travelling

100.Your very own list of travel blog post ideas!

And there we have it, 100 blog post ideas to get some inspo going! Have you got any others? Happy blogging! 


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