5 of the easiest travelling hairstyles

Long, short, curly, straight, frizzy the list of hair types is endless and when we go travelling we pretty much couldn’t give a damn. We want a hairstyle that is easy, effortless and most of the time out of the way of our faces so as a 20-something year old girl who still wants to look trendy while travelling I have put together my top 5 “on-the-go” hairstyles.

Sorry lads this post is more for the ladies!

The Messy Bun

I don’t think there isn’t a girl who hasn’t done the trusty messy bun at one point or another. For some reason some people really pull it off alot better than me but if you want your hair out of your face quickly then this  is a real winner.

I love a messy bun especially in the evenings.


I can only do the basic but french, dutch whatever plaits you can do are an easy way to get your hair out of your face and are bang on trend right now – a win/win situation really?

Dutch Plaits my Best Friend did on me.

Wave after Wave

If you have naturally wavy or curly hair like me then use it to your advantage! Throw those straighteners to one side and let your natural curls be free. I always use a bit of salt spray and use the ‘scrunch’ method which usually leaves me with a natural wave in my hair.

Going for the ‘Au-Natural’ look a few years ago!

My little pony

Ah the classic ponytail does what it says on the tin really. This hairstyle suits most hair lengths and only takes a second to do. Add a cap or headband to spruce it up a bit.

A very messy ponytail on me.

Half up Half Down

If you know me I regularly do this to my hair. You know that thing we all used to do with our hair when we were younger? Yeah well it’s still cool now in our twenties (to me anyway). Simply collect half your hair at the top of your crown and tie with a hair band. It’s a stylish way to get your hair off your face and I love it.

The half up and half down style great for getting your fringe out your face.

What are your favourite travel hairstyles? Feel free to comment below and let me know!



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