My 2017 Travel Plans

So I haven’t actually written down to you guys what my travel plans are for 2017 so I thought I would write this post in-case you’re interested! 

So, I leave Gatwick airport on Tuesday 24th January and make my journey to Bangkok. From here, I will join a three week group tour exploring the beautiful history and culture of Cambodia and Vietnam ending in Hanoi.

Now, before people say “You should do it yourself” or “why are you paying to go in a group” blah blah blah – honestly I’ve heard it all, let me explain to you my reasoning behind choosing a group tour to start my travel adventure.

Firstly, Asia is my first destination on my own, after a long flight I’m going to be tired and a mess of emotions and to be honest I just wouldn’t have a clue what I’m doing and where I’m going. I felt that a group tour to start gave me the perfect balance of independence and safety that I needed to start my journey. Secondly, I know that Asia can be extremely chaotic and I know me, I would get stressed and lost and to be honest I would much rather have a tour guide who I can go to for assistance and can provide some really useful information throughout the trip. Finally, it’s my choice and it’s my trip and to me there is no wrong or right way to go about something. At the end of the day you’ve got to do what suits you and what you’re comfortable with, and for me this was it. I know that once I gain the confidence maybe I would visit Asia completely alone without any group tour but as a starting point I felt this was my best suited option.

If you want to find out more about this tour and all the places I’ll be stopping click here.

The Route I will be taking.
The Route I will be taking.

After three weeks in Asia I fly to New Zealand, Auckland, on Valentine’s Day. I will spend two nights in Auckland exploring and probably getting some well-needed rest before I start my Kiwi Experience on February 17th.  I have chosen the Whole Kit and Caboodle pass which takes me around both the North and South Islands. This pass has a minimum time of 30 days (so basically a month). However, I also have a sister who I haven’t seen for over a year living in Queenstown so I will definitely be staying longer than a month. My plan is more 6 weeks but I’ll just see how things go!


Once I eventually complete my Kiwi Experience I will be flying into Sydney, Australia, where I will hopefully be meeting one of my best friends, Steve. Anyway, my plan for Australia is pretty flexible at the moment. Obviously, we will take the infamous East Coast backpacker trail but when and for how long is not known yet. We have also both got 12 month working visas so our plan is to also work in Australia for a while too. So watch this space and I’ll blog how I get on in Australia!

Also – good to note I have booked the Greyhound KM pass to get around the East Coast! You can find out more about Greyhound here. 

When I finally decide to come home I have also added a cheeky stop in Bali where I’m hoping my other best friend Sian will meet me. At the moment I’m thinking about 10 days here and it will be literally pure relaxation – I might even splash out a bit on the accommodation!

So there we have it. That is my rough travel plans for 2017. As you can see I’m visiting quite a few places so am obviously super excited but also really nervous! Many people have asked me how long I’ll be away for and in all honesty? I don’t know. I might get out there and absolutely love it, or I might go out there and absolutely hate it and come home after a few months. That’s the beautiful thing about travelling you don’t need to plan, if you like somewhere you stay, if you don’t you move on. I do hope though that it’s everything I want it to be because realistically I don’t think I’m going to get the chance again to go on a trip this big.

So make sure you come back and check out my blogs of each place!

Have you been to any of these places? Is there anything you recommend doing? Let me know!


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