What to pack for a long-haul flight

So one way or another in your travelling life you’re going to have to experience some long haul flights. To help make the journey a little easier and to be prepared I have shared what I think are the top things to have in your hand luggage.

When you fly, the air inside the cabin is a lower humidity than normal and can drop to less than 20%. The most common side effect of low cabin humidity is dry skin, eyes, throat and nose which is why I encourage these items:

-Vaseline or some sort of lip balm: soothe your lips regularly with a Vaseline or lip balm to stop cracking. My lips are the first thing that dries out for me so I find this a necessity. Added bonus – you can also use it on your eyelids for moisture.

-Hand cream: Another love of mine, there is nothing better than slapping on some hand cream to dry hands, especially important on a long haul flight.

-Face cream: not a must but I can guarantee you’ll feel a lot more fresh faced after applying some on a long haul flight.

-Water: Now obviously because of security laws you cannot take a water bottle through but make sure you buy one before your flight or get one on the plane so you can regularly hydrate yourself and avoid a dry throat.

With hydration out the way I now come onto hygiene and beauty because no one wants to be smelly!

-Roll on deodorant: Wherever I go I always carry one in my bag, it’s a simple and easy way to freshen up.

-Toothbrush/Toothpaste: Some airlines will supply these usually for you but I always carry mine just in case. Not only will it enable you to brush your teeth after a long flight (whether during day or night) but it also means you have it to hand should the unfortunate circumstance that your luggage gets lost.

-Mints: Multi-purpose – freshen your breath and help to avoid popping ears on take-off. Bad breath and B.O has to be two of my biggest pet hates. Pop a mint in for some freshness.

-Make up: When I’m on a long haul flight I try not to wear much make up usually a BB cream which has moisturiser in it and maybe a bit of mascara so if you wanted to have these to hand you could but again not a necessity.

-Face Wipes: If you did decide to put make-up on an instantly regretted your decision then your face wipes will be your saviour. Alternatively, they are just a great way to freshen up after a flight when you’re feeling slightly groggy.

Boredom hits a lot of us on long haul flights and I do prefer night flights as I can sleep for half the journey which is always an added bonus. However, if you can’t sleep then make sure you have some things to keep you occupied.

-Kindle/Book: I literally love my Kindle I think it’s possibly the best purchase I have ever made. It’s lightweight and can store as many books as I want – perfect for travel.

-IPod/music:  Again another one of my top purchases. Listening to music is also really good if you want to block out noise from the cabin.

-Crossword/puzzle book:  Can be a nice change from reading your book and to stop you feeling completely depleted.

Most flights usually offer some in-flight entertainment such as movies but you could also bring your own on a tablet or similar but I tend not to.

And the other little bits..

-Fluffy socks: I swear by a good pair of socks for a flight. I feel the cold very quickly and when they pretty much force everyone to sleep I’m sure they whack the air con on full blast! Fluffy socks keep my feet cosy and mean I can take my shoes off making the journey a lot more comfortable.

-Spare clothes: It’s good to have a spare outfit to change into in your bag for two reasons. Firstly, you may just want to freshen up and change your underwear or top after a long flight. Secondly, if your luggage does get lost you at least have another spare outfit.

-Money: Don’t put ANY of your money in your suitcase this is asking for trouble. I tend to split my cash up into different parts of my bag so if one purse get’s lost or stolen not all my money was in that one place.

-Earplugs: Always good to have in your bag to block out noise and the much-dreaded popping ears. These are also handy for hostels when someone is snoring really loud or making noise.

-Eyemask: Again, these are usually provided on long-haul flights but you can always bring your own to block out light from the cabin.

-Blow up pillow: I absolutely LOVE my blow up travel pillow. It fits perfectly around my neck preventing less aches and pains which enables me to sleep much better. Quickly blown up in a few breaths it’s also super practical and can fold away taking up practically no room in your bag.

-Snacks: Let’s be honest plane food isn’t great so it’s worth considering packing a few of your favourite snacks for your flight. I love almonds but also won’t say no to a bag of crisps! (Hey we all deserve a treat now and again!).

-Hoody or some sort of jacket/scarf: As you will already have read I always find planes FREEZING! Therefore, I always make sure I pack a few layers to keep me warm. Sometimes they will provide you with a blanket which is great but I always bring a hoody just in case and usually end up using both.

-Tablets/painkillers: Make sure you’ve got the medication you need. Always a good idea to have some painkillers to hand.

I hope this little packing list helps you on your travels. What are you must-have long-haul flight items? 



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