Goodbye U.K!

So the day has finally arrived. With my 60-litre backpack full to brim and needing a two-person team to take on the procedure I can’t help already thinking that this is already going to be quite the adventure.

I’ve said my goodbyes, god I hate goodbyes. They’re just so awkward and horrible and you try and hold those tears in that you promised yourself wouldn’t happen but then they do and you get on the train to Gatwick looking like a soppy, wet mess (even one of the train guys asked if I was ok!). But you know what? I don’t care. I know some people don’t have a good realationship with their parents but I am so lucky that I do. I love them so much and saying goodbye just 3 days after our family dog was put down made it even more heartbreaking. I am so unbelievably lucky to have such supportive, wonderful,  parents and I shall really miss them during my trip. I also need to add that I cried over my bed this morning because I will really miss that bad boy too!

However, I can’t help sitting here and thinking how thankful and free I feel right now. I have no commitments, no boyfriend or house to pay for and I’m completely unemployed! Not many people can say at the age of 23 they’ve saved enough money to go and travel to more than 4 different countries! And before you ask yes it’s all money I have saved throughout my life and saved up for the past 6 months at work.

I’m a huge mixed bag of emotions at the moment. I’m nervous, anxious, excited and maybe a little bit overwhelmed. But I’m only human, when we have a huge change in our lives like this that changes our routine our instant reaction is too get scared which is why many people can’t leave, or certainly not on their own. I have to admit it’s a big thing to do to go travelling on your own but I feel ready and I honestly think anyone could do it.

I guess the main driving force for me were two things. Firstly, I was bored of the same routine day-in day-out in the U.K. Now don’t get me wrong I had a good paying job, lovely home and family and friends but I couldn’t help sitting at my desk and thinking – surely there is more to life that just this? With this in mind comes my second point. Constantly deliberating travelling I couldn’t help thinking that if I didn’t go I would end up looking back when I’m older and saying “why didn’t I go” or “what if”. As someone who has choices if I could go back and change already I wasn’t going to add another one to the list!

So I’m at the hotel now literally a step away from the airport eating a caramel shortbread and a cup of tea. I’ve got some long journeys tomorrow so I better get some sleep.

All I will finish with is always follow your dreams. No matter how far out of reach they seem they are possible. I can’t wait to keep you all up to date with my adventure!



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