An overview of Cambodia and Vietnam on a shoestring tour by G Adventures

Having recently completed a three-week tour through Cambodia and Vietnam with the company G Adventures, I thought it would be useful to write an overview of my experience with this tour and the company as it may be something you consider in your future travels!

Firstly, it’s important to note that G Adventures offers a range of different tours worldwide and to suit different budgets and styles. If you’re young and on a budget then the YOLO tours will be right up your street but if you want something a bit more luxurious and slightly slower-paced, then you can opt for a classic or private tour.

Wanting to explore Cambodia and Vietnam but not feeling confident to do this completely alone I felt the Cambodia and Vietnam on a Shoestring tour of three weeks was the perfect option. On this tour, we spent one night in Bangkok, seven nights in Cambodia and twelve in Vietnam. You can see the full route here.

It’s crucial to know that this is a fast-paced tour with a lot of travelling including numerous 4+ hour coach journeys and three overnight trains in a short space of time so if moving around a lot isn’t your kind of thing this tour probably isn’t for you! In general, I felt we had enough time to explore most places par Siem Reap and Hoi An. I absolutely loved Hoi An and I could easily have spent a week there, so you have to take this into account to when booking you don’t have the flexibility to just stop and start like you would if travelling alone.

Nonetheless, I absolutely loved the tour and I think it’s the perfect way for nervous first-time solo travellers to start their travelling adventure. The CEO handles everything from checking in to choosing the best restaurants and bars (and the ones to avoid!) having a tour guide to hand makes the whole experience effortless so you can just get your camera out and enjoy.

Overall, after reading many reviews the consensus from me is that most people thoroughly enjoy themselves on the G-adventures tours and I would definitely book another one in the future. I made some amazing friends and had an absolute blast.

Have any of you guys done a tour with G-Adventures? What have your experiences been like? I would love to hear!


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